Fondant Shine (Glaze)

This recipe was created on the night I was doing a Chanel purse cake for my Sister-In-Law’s birthday. After I was done with the cake, I took a step back and noticed that even though my cake looked amazing, it lacked a certain type of look to it. Of course, I saw right away that what my purse was lacking was its shine. It took me several minutes of searching through the internet on different techniques. Some suggested applying vegetable shortening, while others suggested steaming the cake. However, neither of these options seemed good to me for, no one enjoys eating saturated fat from vegetable shortening, and the steam on the cake only evaporated, leaving a certain tacky look to the cake.

It was then that I remembered a class I took several years back. We were told to mix equal parts of corn syrup to vodka. When mixed properly, the vodka evaporate, rendering it completely tasteless, and the only thing to stay behind is the flavorless corn syrup. When applied correctly in smooth brush strokes, the effect was amazing.

Fondant Shine (Glaze)

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 cup


  • 1/4 cup corn syrup *Karo works best
  • 1/4 cup clear vodka *Everclear works best


  • By mixing equal parts or corn syrup and you make a little bit of a glaze paste. The glaze is then applied to the fondant with a brush, and when the vodka evaporates, all that is left is the corn syrup, making the fondant look shiny. This glaze is great for when you want to add a "wet look" effect on any cake or cupcake. The alcohol will not affect you in any way and it is completely flavorless.

By: Chrysty


  1. Hi I’m from SriLanka. I love your tutorials and specialy your fondant recipe. I’m Sri Lanka the humidity is very very high. Will it work for me? Also is there anything I can substitute for vodka (fondant shine)
    Thank you
    Awaiting for your reply

    • Hi Irzana. I am glad you enjoy my fondant recipe. This recipe is designed to hold up in high humid temperatures. As for a substitutions for the vodka in the “Fondant Shine” recipe, you could try using Lemon Juice. However, the purpose of using Vodka, is that it dries out and doesn’t leave an after taste. The lemon juice will have a particular taste to it. If you can, try to stick with the vodka.

  2. Can I colour the fondant red ,navy blue and black? I’m a little scared since the fondant is very pliable

    • Hi Samira,

      Unfortunately this fondant recipe does not hold up well strong colors such as red, blacks, or navy blues. The amount of additional liquid ratio, compared to the recipe, breaks up the fondant. For darker colors, I suggest using a marshmallow fondant instead.

    • Thanks Susan! Glad you liked it. If you ever us it, please share with us your pictures and I will post it in our Fan Albums on Facebook

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