Mixing Methods

Slight errors in mixing can result in cake with poor texture and volume. To better understand this, we need to know the different types of mixing and for what cakes they are used for. Our main goal is to combine all ingredients into a smooth uniform batter, form and incorporate air cells, and develop the right texture in the finished batter.


There are a total of 7 Methods of Mixing:


High – Fat or Shortened Cakes

  • Creaming Method

  • Two – Stage Method

  • One – Stage

  • Flour –  Batter Method

Low – Fat or Foam Type Cakes

  • Sponge Method

  • Angel Food Method

  • Chiffon Method


I explain each method in its own post with their variations in detail. Inexperienced bakers tend to become impatience and think that by speeding up the mixing process that they will achieve the same results as if they had waited the necessary time if they had mixed the batter slowly. By doing this, they are preventing air cells to form properly and so the texture of the cake suffers.


Before preparing to mix any of the ingredients, it is important to have them at all room temperature (70° F). Make sure that you measure out the ingredients exactly as the recipe calls for. Having even the slightest bit more of one particular ingredient can throw off the whole mixing process. Mixing some ingredients at high speeds as acceptable, but for the most part, the best results come from slowly mixing the ingredients.

By: Chrysty

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